Some Ways To Increase Blog Visitors By Using Facebook

SEO for a facebook page
How to do SEO for a facebook page

You may be doing everything to increase your blog visits. Many others are doing. But it may not be doing enough to attract visitors inside such a crowd. As a result, you are losing visitors. But if you want, you can easily use Facebook to attract visitors and bring them to your blog and increase your blog’s visits.

A way to increase blog visitors by using Facebook

Use different questions: When you share a link on Facebook, you can ask some simple and easy questions. So that everyone can try to answer there. At the same time, those who do not know the answer can visit the blog to know. However, you can always ask difficult questions as per the post type which is interesting and everyone will want to know the answer and therefore they will have to visit the blog.

Always try to keep in mind that the question you are sharing on the blog link of the post you are writing about is being asked about that topic. In this case, one should also think about which questions may be more user-friendly.

Differentiate between posts: Always try to post more types of posts that users are most interested in or are engaging with posts, ex comments, likes or shares. The link to the blog post can easily be seen by others and they can be added. As a result, the visitor can also increase the chance of growth.

You can also provide feedback to those who comment there. In this case, you can answer their questions or comment on their feedback. And that’s why you can always monitor users’ feedback and their activity. You can also use Facebook Page Insights. This lets you easily see what kind of posts users are most interested in and take action.

And all the time, the picture can be uploaded without just sharing the link. Because the picture is so easily able to catch the eye. So by sharing the picture, you can give the link to the blog. In order to attract users for details. This is a very effective method.

Communication with other pages: Facebook pages can be used a lot like Facebook profiles. And by going to another page, you can do like, like or comment on the profile. So depending on the type of group of your blog, you can also like or comment on other blog pages of the same group. This will easily attract the users of the page and bring them to your page or blog. However, of course, spamming cannot be done. This can be counterproductive.

 If you want to use the page as a profile, go to Facebook and click on the arrow in the upper right, then select your page on Use Facebook as you can likewise choose your profile name and come back to your account.

Interesting post: Many times you can reshare the same post to highlight the interesting part of the blog post. Especially the quote or a few lines that might be able to catch everyone’s attention. For example, if there is a famous line in a blog post, that line or a paragraph. However, whatever part you take, it should be strong enough to attract attention.

SEO: Did you know that Facebook posts are also shown in Google search results? And could it be another tool to increase visitors? If you do not know and have not done SEO before, you can start now. When sharing a link, you can add keywords to the link. You can also use hashtags at the same time. This will make it possible to show your shared link in search results on both Google and Facebook. As a result, there will be another way to increase the visitor.

The regular practice of these methods can be the key to your success. So always try to follow these ways regularly so that the amount of visitors to your blog is increased as much as possible. Which can make your blog popular and also help you to increase revenue from your blog.

SEO for a facebook page
SEO for a facebook page

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