Email Marketing Strategy For Beginner Email Marketers

 The elaboration of email is electronic mail that allows you to send your files as attachments to your recipient. Email is important not only for personal purposes but also for business purposes.

Do you know how many emails are sent daily? 

More than 280 billion emails are sent daily by which we can easily understand the area of using email will increase more in the recent future. It is considered that the amount of sent emails per day will be near to the amount of 330 million by 2021.

It has become an important part of digital marketing as people can subscribe to a blog/website through their email. And the sender of any platform uses email for various types of tasks to be accomplished. 

A digital marketer knows how to do email marketing effectively. As it is an important part of communication, marketers managed to find some cool strategies for email marketing. 

Email Marketing Strategy

As a result, nowadays, email marketing is considered as the major marketing system to get accurate target audiences, to get more effective leads. By doing research and analyzing data, marketers find many types of email marketing strategies to reach more people. These are fantastic to do email marketing. Today, we will discuss five of the most effective email marketing strategies below. 

Get your email personalized:

What we do when we are about to send an email to anyone/customers? Do we mention their name at first? Writing a recipient’s name at the beginning of the email body is still used widely and a popular way to start communicating.

There is a but now. Maximum marketers started to avoid using only their recipient name on the starting.

 Nowadays, mentioning a customer’s name at the beginning of the email body is considered as a harmful task. Temple’s Fox School Of Business also marked it as a harmful task. If you are about to generate your leads, to personalize your email, avoid mentioning the name at first. 

Subject line matters:

while you are about to send your email you have to add the subject line on your email. Why? Because your recipient can easily understand the main fact of your email. Word above 70 for subject line is considered to provide a meaningful idea of your email. It encourages your audience to open your mail as well as increases your click-through rate.

Time to send your email:

You can send your email to your customers at any time. But something is interesting to you. According to the research of Experian Marketing Services, the best time to send your email is 8.00 p.m. to midnight. Why? Because maximum people are free at that time. This time also increases your click-through rate.

Provide something:

Do you know what can attract your customers more? Research shows that give something free can attract customers more. While sending email to your customers, try to add some free offers if you have. Thus a great thing will happen.

People will come to check your offer. They will browse your site to get more offers. Not all of them will go for your free offers. You will find many of them will buy your premium packages. Thus you can increase your sales.

Email Marketing Strategy

However, many people use these tactics a lot to create more engagement and to attract their customers. But if you are running an eCommerce business, you need to do something extra. Though most of these systems are almost the same, but there is something you need to know as you are running an eCommerce website. Here we are giving you some tips for your eCommerce promotion through email. 

Email subscription form:

A very common and most useful tip for eCommerce websites is to use an email subscription form on your website. Thus you can collect tons of emails. Then sending emails to them will be easier for you. Try to make it as simple as you can. Because, if you have huge customers collecting information from them will not be so tough for you. 

Later you can add many options according to your choice. But make sure that your email subscription form will not bother your customers. If it does so you may lose some potential customers.

Automated welcome email for your customers:

Try to add an automated email sending system on your website. This feature your emails will be sent to them automatically. Besides, you can add an automated welcome email for your customers. Whenever anyone subscribes to your website, give them a welcome email.

Automated product purchase confirmation:

Provide your customers’ automated purchase confirmation service. By this feature, when they buy something from your website they will automatically get an email describing their purchasing product and all data related to it. This is a good way to build a better relationship with your customers.

Let your customers know your campaign:

We often see that many eCommerce websites create campaigns for their customers. If you have any campaign running or if you are about to create any campaign then Optimiser team suggests you share your campaign with your customers through email. 

This method helps to promote your selected product ( product selected for your campaign ) widely.

Thus your well-wisher customers will not miss your campaign. It will also help you to increase your sales.

Encourage your customers to share your content:

Another interesting thing you can do to expand your brand/product. Encourage your subscribers to share your campaign/product. Try not to tell this to all of your email subscribers. If you have vast email subscribers then there is a chance to go viral with your product. 


It is because they will share your product with their social sites. The more subscribers share it the more chance you will have to expand your campaign/product widely. Another additional thing you can do. Optimiser team suggests you add social media buttons on your websites. Thus your customers can share your product easily with their social sites.

These are the most used methods by maximum eCommerce websites. These are cool to create engagement. No matter what kind of business or brand you are running, email marketing will give you the best taste to increase your sales to the next level. Gather your potential customers leads through email marketing and convert them into effective sales.

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